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Soap Swap!

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The following pages contain examples of Kezza's lovely craft work.

Some images are produced via digital camera and the original items, while others are scanned in from photographs. Sewing Machine

This may lead to some images appearing less detailed than others, but this is deceptive -- Kezza's work is always of the highest standard, both in execution and presentation.

Feel free to browse through the Pillows & Cushions, Machine Embroidery, Patchwork and Quilting, Projects or the Stumpwork pages. Find out a little about Kezza.

Kezza's latest hobby is soapmaking.

Each and every item has Benny's Seal of Approval; from the softness of the materials used in the sewing/embroidery work, to the fragrances that Kezza's flowers release in Benny's Garden only the best will do for this cat!

There are a few of Kezza's favourite links on the link page. Please let Kezza know if you link to her page and would like it reciprocated.

Kezza's son, Greg, August, 2003.

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